Barbara Bickel

Past & Current Collaborators

As a collaborative artist I have had the privilege to work with a number of artists, writers and community members.

Below are links to these people and their work.

Luanne Armstrong, writer

Wende Bartley, composer & sound artist

Ruth Beer, visual artist

Mary Bennett, visual artist

Mary Blaze, visual artist

Cathy Bone, textile artist

Monica Brammer, textile artist

Melodie Chant

Catherine Cruz, visual artist

Mary Beth Edelson, visual artist

Lynn Fels, writer

Cheryl Fisher, jazz singer & composer

R. Michael Fisher, visual artist & composer

Vanessa Fisher, writer and global nomad

Sophia Freigang

Gestare Art Collective, artists

Sally Gradle, visual artist & writer

Kit Grauer, textile artist & writer

Cindy Lou Griffith, visual artist

Pamela Grof, writer

Vivian Hansen, writer

Tannis Hugill, dancer & movement therapist

Rita L. Irwin, visual artist & writer

Nané Ariadne Jordan, visual artist & writer

Catherine Kmita, visual artist, dancer & anthropologist

Pauline le Bel, singer

Carl Leggo, poet

Judith Lermer Crawley, photographer

Valerie Lys, community activist

Joyce Luna, visual artist & writer

Echo Mazur, musician and dancer

Medwyn McConachy, visual and community ritual artist

Kathryn McGregor, dancer

Wendy Neilsen, writer

Ingrid Rose, writer, movement artist

Gabriel Saloman, visual artist, writer & curator

Pauline Sameshima, visual artist & writer

Patricia Sereno, harpist, composer & writer

Jan Sheppard, writer

Laura Shuler, singer

Annie Smith, writer & theatre director

Celeste Snowber, dancer & writer

Stephanie Springgay, visual artist & writer

Leslie Stanick, visual artist

Darlene St. Georges, visual artist & writer

Jeannie Stubbs, writer

Shirin Theophilus, visual artist & writer

Eva Tihanyi, writer

Kathy Lynn Treybig, writer

Valerie Triggs, writer

Gregory Wendt, visual artist

Gu Xiong, visual artist

Susan Walsh, writer

Catherine Wilcox