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         "Barbara offers us an experience before language-- of sensation and making and process. It involves finding an Other deep
          within ourselves and then coming up gasping for language... except that the search is not for just for any language but
          instead, for language that resists - language based on uniquely female experience. Instead of transcending the body, this
          language reclaims it. Instead of possessing the inquiry, she literally, materially embodies it and it embodies her - offering
          a sense of the struggle in naming and categorizing processes that are fluid."     
                                                                                                                                                                     Valerie Triggs, 2007

Arts-Based and Contemplative Practices in Research and Teaching: Honoring Presence.
Co-edited by Susan Walsh, Barbara Bickel & Carl Leggo,  Routledge: New York, 2015. 

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Integral Voices on Sex, Gender and Sexuality: Integral Inquiries. (2014). Edited by S. Nicholson & V. Fisher. State University of New York Press: Albany New York.

Image: Soulfully, mixed media on wood, 13 x 13 inches.

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Led By Spirit: A Spiritual Feminist Arts-based Inquiry

Book Review by Diana Claire Douglas 

Wombwalks chapter by Bickel, B. McConachy, M. &  Jordan, N. 

In Creating Together: Participatory Community-based and Collaborative Arts Practices Across Canada (2015, pp. 161-178). Edited by D. Conrad and A. Sinner. Wilfrid Laurier University Press. Waterloo, ON, Canada. 

Connective Aesthetic chapter by Bickel, B & White, B. 

In The Wisdom of the Many: Key Issues in Arts Education. In the International Yearbook for Research in Arts Education. Edited by S. Schonnman. Waxman: Munich.

Bickel, Barbara. (2015). Socially Engaged Art Education Beyond the classroom: napping, dreaming and art making, Artizein: Arts and Teaching Journal, 1(1). Article 12.

Bickel, Barbara (2014). Led by spirit: A spiritual feminist arts-based inquiry. In S. Nicholson & V. Fisher (Eds.). Integral voices on sex, gender and sexuality: Critical inquiries (pp. 209-320). NY, Albany: State University of NEw York Press.

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Women Writing Women Collective. (2014). Learning Wisdom through collectivity: The Women Writing Women Collective. Women in Higher Education, 7(1).

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Bickel, Barbara. (2012). Artist and teaching statement. In P. Slattery. Curriculum development in the postmodern era (on-line compendium to 3rd edition). New York: Routledge.

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Bickel, Barbara & Hugill, Tannis. (2011). Re/Turning to Her: An A/r/tographic Ritual Inquiry. Visual
Culture and Gender. Volume 6(1).

Bickel, Barbara & Gradle, Sally. (2010). The Unfolding Inner Teacher: Applying Holistic Ideas from Beittel & Schaefer-Simmern. Journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies.

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Bickel, Barbara. (2008). Who will read this body? A/r/tographic statement. In M. Cahnmann & R Siegesmund (eds.). Arts-based inquiry in diverse learning communities: Foundations for practice (pp. 125-135). New York, NY: Routledge.

Bickel, B., Triggs, V., Springgay, S., Irwin, R.L., Gu, X., Beer, R., grauer, K., & Sameshima, P. (2007). Transforming public spaces through community-engaged art. Amerasia Journal 22(2), 115-124.

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Fisher, R. Michael, & Bickel, Barbara. (2006). The mystery of Dr. Who?: On a road less traveled in art education. The Journal of Social Theory in Art  Education, 26, 28-57.

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Bickel, Barbara & Fisher, Vanessa. (2005). Awakening the divine feminine: A stepmother-daughter collaborative journey through art making and ritual. Journal of the Association for Research on Mothering 7(1), 52-67.Bickel, Barbara. (2003, Summer). Interviewed by Eva Tihanyi, Nude for thought. Niagara Current, 28-32.

Bickel, Barbara. (1993). Birthing the masculine. Lodgepole Pine, 13(1), 9.

Bickel, Barbara. (1992). Men as birthers, not destroyers; a painting series of men. Lodgepole Pine, 12(3), 13.


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