Barbara Bickel

Wit(h)nessing Eyes Close(d)

Trance is the genesis of the artworkings in this series. Drawing from historical images of myself, collected from photo shoots over the past fifteen years, the practice of re-wit(h)nessing and re/producing images of my trans/per/forming woman(s) body through time and space is filtered and enlivened through the before/beside/beyond sensorial aesthetic journey of the trance.

In the unbound large hanging canvases the female body is traditionally drawn and represented, with/in/on a disrupted enviro/scape. The co-emerging of the figure and ground causes the viewer to liberate attempts to restore the body to singular completeness and to fully see it in co-relationship, distinct yet a/part of the matrixial ground.



                                                            Wit(h)nessing Eyes Close(d)
                                                            Projected Video onto mixed media collage on canvas

Audio Trances
Each audio accompanies an art piece above. Start audio and then click on the corresponding image.


Stone Tracings trance.mp3

becoming fluid trance.mp3

where water meets air mp3.mp3

empty holding space.mp3

the expanse of being there.mp3

without effort_trance.mp3.mp3

Wit(h)nessing Eyes Close(d) Installed at the ARC Gallery in Chicago Illinois, USA. May 26 - June 23, 2012